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Tai Chi and Qigong for South Carolina
Tai Chi and Qigong for South Carolina is now a part of
The Chinese Healing Arts Center

After nearly 20 years of study, Mark is now a certifed instructor for the Chinese Healing Arts Center teaching Wudang Qi Healing and Methods.

For the first time ever in South Carolina, Mark will be offering the Level One "Six Day" Qi Healer intestive. Anyone can learn this wonder ability to heal other with the qi healing techniqies taught.

Be a part of this historic first class of students in traditional Chinese Healing Arts.

Space will be limited to maintain quality of experience.

This class is the prerequisite for attending the Level Two "8 Day" Qi Gong Therapist class and certification offered through the Chinese Healing Art Center.
Qi Gong Healing & Exercise Training,
An Overview by
Mark A. Brophy

Qi Gong (pronounced chee kung and sometimes spelled Chi K’ung), means “life energy practice”. It is an ancient Chinese healing art that combines the use of mind, body, and breathing to strengthen and balance vital energy (Qi) in the body.
The practice of Qi Gong consists of meditative techniques and special movement exercises that can benefit people of all ages and physical conditions.

Qi Gong is practiced to maintain health, promote longevity, quiet the mind, decrease stress, and prevent or treat illness. It is a natural and simple tool to balance body energy so that life can be experienced to its full potential.

Tai Ch'i (also spelled Taiji) is a series of meditative and self-healing movements based on centuries old Chinese teachings.  Tai Chi is also a very effective martial art for those who wish to use it as such.  The slow but very deliberate movements are effective in returning the skeletal structure, muscles, and internal organs to their natural alignment.

I offer classes in Yang family Tai Ch'i & Qi Gong in private lessons or small group settings.
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